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Partners & Of Counsels
Innovating and reaching breakthroughs in deals is a sort of a forte of the partners and of counsels at A A ASSOCIATES, Advocates & Legal Advisors. Their talent and experience is many a time used in drafting and reviewing important legislations and bills. They have all achieved credibility and reputation in the market place for their knowledge. They have been invited to lecture law graduates in their fields of interest, write various articles, speak at mega conferences and seminars and author books.

The Management
The Management at the Firm ensures smooth and efficient functioning of the Firm, while at the same time providing opportunities and avenues to its members to grow and learn. It promotes secondments, sabbaticals, leadership development, corporate training, seminar and conference participation amongst a host of other activities.

Knowledge Management
The Firm is having an updated Knowledge Management database and has a culture of sharing knowledge, a key component of knowledge management. The Knowledge Management is headed by an Attorney having significant years of experience and now runs the Knowledge Management on a full time basis. Our team of professionals including lawyers and technical experts ensures that they have readily available focused know-how and resources needed to consistently meet all client requirements.

A A ASSOCIATES, Advocates & Legal Advisors : Not Just a Law Firm
A A ASSOCIATES, Advocates & Legal Advisors is not just a plain simple law firm but plays a pivotal role in changing mindsets and improving situations. The Firm believes in being innovative rather than just following archiacal modes of working and set patterns in India. A A ASSOCIATES, Advocates & Legal Advisors has been able to break the popular myth in India that you need to be an old and large firm to acquire the mega mandates. We at our size and age, are privileged to have worked on some of the best and biggest deals and with the best names in the industry. We thrive on quality and winning the clients’ trust and confidence.

Foreign Lawyer’s Programme
The firm plans to introduce the Foreign Lawyer’s Programme to promote the exchange of international and Indian legal aptitude, knowledge, learning, style of working and mutual development. We wish to encourage foreign attorneys to apply to our firm for getting first hand experience of working at A A ASSOCIATES, Advocates & Legal Advisors and gaining a fair understanding of the Indian legal system.

Training & Development
The Firm regularly deputes its Personnel for various Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops to further enhance their skills and knowledge in their areas of expertise. The Firm encourages career development opportunities for its Professionals and plays an active role in mentoring and providing career development guidance, corporate training, secondments etc. We also scout for good fresh talent from reputed and remarkable law schools and colleges in India through our recruitment programme.
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